That one time a random author changed my life. 

Last week I got to meet someone who changed my life and now I am no longer scared of publishing my collection of essays.

Once I made it public that it was going to happen, I was very nervous. In fact, I had written a Facebook post about pushing it back until fall, but I had saved it in drafts and never hit send in.

My reluctance had many sides. Would anyone actually buy it? I’m a nobody. Was this my story to tell? It involved so many people.

Then my friend Lyndse jokingly telling me that this guy named Zach Anner was going to be speaking and signing his book at a large bookstore and I should go and get a book signed for her.

Never heard of the guy, but I figured what the hell, I’ll go.
That one hour changed my life. It made me

I originally was planning to self publish it, but I’m going to look into revising it again and then sending it to traditionally publishing it. So thank you, The Official Fan Page of Zach Anner for being my new role model, and Lyndse for suggesting I go.

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