I went to a college football game this weekend…

… and I was scared the entire time.

My husband asked me to go with him to a football game for this weekend. Trying to earn some Wife Points, I said absolutely, put my Longhorns shirt on.

Fortunately, I had looked at the team’s website to see what time the game would be starting, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen that the football arena at the University of Texas banned all bags that weren’t completely see through, unless it was a very small wallet or clutch purse.

Filling all my things that I require on an evening out into my wallet wasn’t easy, but I managed it.

We had very cheap tickets, so this was our view: at the very top, seeing both the gorgeous Austin skyline and nearly every other person who was there to watch the game like us. Spectacular view, isn’t it?

All I could think about when I looked at it was that someone could shoot up the stadium. Their clear bag policy is obviously in place to keep weapons out of the arena, but this is still Texas. I don’t want to feel like I’m going to die every time I step foot in a place like that. No one wants to. And no one should.

We have become a world of constant shootings, senseless murders, aimless bombing and shattered souls. Death tolls are rising. Stupidity is winning over basic common sense. It doesn’t matter anymore if you are for or against things like gun control, freedom of speech or anything in that realm.

The choices are being taken away from us, one by one, and I’m petrified that there will come a point where we have no choices left at all.

I debated writing this, then after I got it down I let it sit for a couple days, to make sure my feelings stayed the same. They did.

I want to feel safe again. We all do. But how can we make it happen?

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