the absolute runaround of medical facilities

I’m currently sitting in my office. That’s right, I went back to work rough 36 hours after discharge, which is a record, apparently. Mostly I just slept, something I desperately needed.

There aPhoto on 9-29-17 at 12.36 PMre a lot of things still medically up in the air, a lot of things. I could walk out of this building, get driven down to Seton Main and be taken care of there for awhile. Or I could get to go home and stay there, mixing both powder and pill antibiotic together to get all those freaking infection bugs to go away.

On one hand, I could be told I’m perfectly fine. The other hand, the more likely hand, is going to tell me I need long term IV antibiotic care. The statistics have been read to me, and I now I know know them better than I have myself. I know what I’m looking at, long term treatment wise.

Now if anyone would just pick up the damn phone, that’d be fabulous …

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