In Stitches

​​As most of my friends an family know, I’ve been a die hard crocheter from when I was 6 years old.. My home health nurse taught me the basics during the nights when I wouldn’t couldn’t really fall asleep. 

From middle school to most of college I only crocheted a little, like a baby gift or a wedding present for a friend.
My docter recently suggested I should crochet very frequently to help my hand circulation, so I’ve been making baby hats and small blankets for a NICU in Illinois. Since I grew up in hospitals and spent the first year of my life in a NICU, I see donating my homemade blankets and such as giving back to the NICU nurses who kept my body function, even when it kept refusing to do it.
I have been compiling a list of NICUs in the United States to donate to, but if you have one that has meant something to you or your family, drop me a message on the project’s Facebook page

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