The new immigration laws scare the hell out of me.

So most people know this, but I’ll say it here – I’m married to an immigrant. He was born and raised in Copenhagen, got a Danish education (paid by the local government) and he got his green card in the summer of 2013.

16388312_10101282995743521_2167721138409678328_nHe was a substitute teacher and a teacher’s aide in Missouri for about two years, and then we pulled up roots and settled in to our lives in Texas. I write fun stuff for a living and he works in tech at Apple. It’s a good life. A comfortable life.

Then the immigration bans started happening. Yes, they are currently due to “anti-Muslim” culture, and people often tell me not to worry about it when it comes to my husband… He’s a white guy with a great job and was born in a very non-confrontational place. All sounds good, right?

It’s good for now. But in a year, he may not have his green card anymore. If he flies back to Denmark for a family emergency, he might not be able to come home to me – he could be stopped at the security line and held back from boarding the plane. Then what do we do?

I know that people think I’m being ridiculous. Danes won’t be involved in this immigration kerfuffle, they’re too happy of a country to have any immigration issues, right?

That’s right… But just for now. What could happen in the next week? The next month? The next year? I’m really scared. I never admit I’m scared, but I will now.



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